We process the top Brands

(Boreal, Fiveten, Vibram, Evolv)

Ready 4 Climbing.

Friction is our business. We process all products of the leading rubber manufacturers. Basically, rubber with high friction properties frays faster.

This is done by the manufacturers tremendous development work. Of the major manufacturers are Boreal and Five Ten emphasized. These bring much its own know-how in improving the friction and wear properties. They have therefore developed their own gums.

Our experience shows the following:

There are climbers who - as a result of high technical performance of front point power - don‘t make any difference on the rubber they use. The supportive effect of the quality of friction becomes less important due to the high transmission on footing.

Please find below our experiences with every single kind of rubber:

FS Quattro from Boreal

Boreal‘s FS Quattro is very soft and features high quality of friction designed for the fingery, fiddly, crimpy stuff. Disadvantage: Quick fraying.

Stealth C4 from Five Ten

Five Ten‘s Stealth C4 is a very soft rubber with good bonding especially for frictional steps. It‘s mainly made by natural rubber.

Disadvantages: In heat and strong insulation it tends to smear. Very quick fraying. Quality of the rubber often differs. Problems with curing. Flaking rubber is well-known; also with new shoes.

Zenith Rubber from Boreal

Is much stickier than the FS Quattro. The improved friction properties are focus on Sandstone and small rails. If you looking for the crimpy Micros the FS Quattro is to prefer caused by its regain capabilities.

Onyxx from Five Ten

Like the Stealth C4 but with even a little improved friction values. The fact is, however, higher abrasion.

Vibram XS Grip 2

Is an advancement of Vibram XS Grip and characterized by improved again frictional properties, friction and edge stability.

TRAX Rubber From Evolve.

Have similar properties as the Stealth C4.

Vibram XS Edge

Is due to the abrasion and durability much better than the XS Grip 2, but worse in the friction prop-erties. So who looks at durability of his rubber is in good hands here.

But as you can see: increased friction properties of rubber is paid of abrasion and reduces durability.


Renew the Rand

We ask for your understanding that we have to renew the rand whensoever it is too sleazy or has holes. Otherwise no professional repair is possible. If you do not want to have a new rubber rand at all, please mention it in your order. Don‘t forget your e-mail address and telephone number in case of queries.

Best rubber for indoor climbing:

For indoor climbers we expressly recommend the Vibram XSV. In spite of high friction it is quite resistant to abrasion. It saves money and protects your shoes.


Before renewal of the soles do not use any deodorant and washing machine. It will jeopardise the optimal bonding. Don‘t panic!! We could bear with it!! Also we offer a „disinfection“ as a Service if you ask for in the Order form.