Here you can find some FAQ’s

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Can a climbing shoe, which originally has a Vibram sole be replaced by a Borea sole ?

For your highest convenience we can offer you all types of rubber for every model.

Can I get only rand repair ?

Given that the rubber rand is worn or sleazy, a rand repair can only be made together with a new sole. Otherwise no professional repair is possible.

When has a rand to be replaced ?

If the rand is knife edge thin or has holes and anew abrasion of the border turns the rubber rand in bad repair. The rand won’t probably bear up under the high pressure anymore, which results in complete repair with renewal of rand and sole. DO NOT HESITATE TO REPLACE RAND AND SOLE. It saves a lot of time and money.

Can the rubber rand be replaced on one shoe only ?

You can. Generally we recommend to repair both shoes with new rands. You should always have the same feel in both shoes to guarantee for stability on small edges. Especially for professionals it’s better, whereas you won’t take any notice when climbing just for fun.

By the way we learned that after repairing sole and rubber rand of one shoe the other pair follows two or three weeks later. The same procedure again. You see, it’s not worth it.

Can the size of the climbing shoe be changed whilst repairing it?

We have the possibility to dilate or tighten a bit the size of the shoe when renewing the rand.  Do not forget to mention it in your request!

How does payment work?

The customer receives an invoice together with the repaired climbing shoes.