Repairservice and resoling for Climbing Shoes

Ready 4 Climbing. The repair professional with a long-standing experience!

We are active climbers and we see the point!
The special sanding gives you the right rand stability and guarantees a perfect footing on smallest edges and pockets. We repair every model rock solid and with the special sanding and original rubber. It doesen´t matter if you are from Germany, Luxemburg, Switzerland or Austria. Send your Shoes and Boots by mail.

Ready for Climbing is the official and authorized dealer of the La Sportiva Company. We repair all products and process leading rubber producers.

Welcome to our Workbank. Craftsmanship form Germany

Have your shoes holes or is the rand in pieces? No problem! We‘re gonna make it. Don‘t panic if the big toe is peeping out. Too us only Quality counts. Thats why we work with the original rubber and precisely fitting shoe lasts.     


Easy and economical!

Sending your boots a bit earlier will save you money. Dont wait until the rubber rand is is too sleazy or already has holes.
The picture upon shows the right moment to take care about a new sole. Otherwise we have to renew the rand to guarantee a professional repair.

Not too late but ...

a bit more complicate and expensive!

Take a look at the frayed and worn Shoe and rubber rand. For sure we can handle this one too, but it takes more time and money to repair this one perfectly as well. Keep in mind that we only can renew the rand together with the Sole. It realy makes sens to take care for your shoes early. It´s worth it


ready for climbing

Thats how it looks after our job is done. So its time to get back on the Rocks we all love.


Shipping from Non EU

Important advice for your climbing friends from Non EU (Norway, Switzerland, ...)  
When you are sending your climbing shoes, please do not declare more than EUR 20,-- for your package. Shoes in pieces are worthless. Don‘t forget your e-mail address and telephone number in case of queries.

Keep in Mind:

Renew the Rand

Our request to you all. We ask for your understanding that we have to renew the rand whensoever it is too sleazy or has holes. Otherwise no professional repair is possible. If you do not want to have a new rubber rand at all, please mention it in your order. Don‘t forget your e-mail address and telephone number in case of queries.